Cannabis Edge is dedicated to everyone who struggles with food, weight and body image. It’s time to approach this challenge differently. Cannabis Edge is about cutting-edge breakthroughs to address the stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD (and so much more) that’s behind the binge.

As the founder and CEO of Cannabis Edge, LLC, I bring to you my expertise as an internationally known Integrative Psychotherapist, Eating Disorders, Weight Management and Addiction’s Specialist.

I know and understand your struggle. And, the need for a positive solution. I never thought that when I was actively bulimic, anorexic, compulsively eating and hospitalized for 7 weeks, that the journey decades later would lead me to becoming an Eating Disorders Specialist promoting cannabis. I wish I knew then what I know now!

The driven pursuit of my personal healing always brought me to cutting-edge health developments and learning theories. I remain on the forefront studying healing for personal well-being and to help others breakthrough and transform. I know what works from personal experience which brings hope and inspiration to those who are still suffering. Cannabis Edge is the vehicle for me to take this powerful information and healing to the masses”!

I haves helped 1000’s of clients achieve ease with food, weight and body acceptance. My methods have helped heal the most complex food issues…including my own. And now, with the power of medicinal cannabis, our abilities and capacities to heal have skyrocketed!

Hopefully the educational information and products on this site will be a help in breaking through to a more balanced existence…free of food, weight and body obsession. May we all find inner peace, harmony and BE THE HEALTHIEST WE CAN BE!